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The smartertrack system has an industry leading searchable built in knowledge base.

See possible resolutions prior to ticket submission

When customers submit support tickets through the helpdesk portal, relevant knowledge base articles and resources are automatically displayed. These self-service resources can deliver answers to customers before they’ve finished filling out the support ticket—saving you time and inconvenience.

As our customers submit tickets we can analyise these and write articles based on supplying answers to commonly asked questions .

We hope that everyone, including our potential customers and casual browser will find the information contained in this knowledge base of interest.

You can find this resource on any of our support sites:

Statistics: Posted by David — Sat Jul 07, 2012 10:33 am

2012-07-06T12:40:55+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • July 2012 Smartertracker Customer Support Software]]>
We have looked at and even trialled a few versions but have now implemented what we consider to be the best:

The software is exclusively dedicated to a sub domain of each web store:

SmarterTrack is a powerful helpdesk built for tracking, managing, and reporting on customer service and communications, including sales and support issues. Businesses can manage employees and communications using a Web browser on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Don't take just our word for it... come and have a look!

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2011-10-26T16:02:36+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • Whats Happening In October 2011]]>
Many of you will remember our highly problematic server issue earlier this year, a serious consequence of this was the data corruption of our website Well at long last I am please to announce that this site is now back live!!!

Running along side this is our first Facebook page

Watches & Rings is the main home to our watch and jewellery collections:

Our current watch collection by brand:

Fossil - Diesel - DKNY - ADIDAS - Limit - Poloti Orologi

Our current jewellery Brand collection:

Chamilia - Miss Chamilia - Tresor Paris - Real Effect - Tingle - Gecko Bella

To supplement these brands we will have a wide variety of gold and silver jewellery, cufflinks, giftware and general fancy goods.

Kind regards,

David Radcliffe
Managing Director

Statistics: Posted by David — Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:02 pm

2011-08-12T13:16:28+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • What's Happening in August 2011]]>!

The site was badly hacked and had deeply imbedded malicious code that was going to cost more to remove than completely rebuild the site.

The good news is that we have had the opportunity to install the newest platform of Os-commerce 2.3.

We have added many new features like:

Shipping cost estimator - No need to create an account you can get a price every time you add a product by just hitting the "Shipping Estimate" button.

Post code look up - Speedier and more accurate account creation with this handy post code look up plugin.

The entire world wide zone plugin - As it says.... The entire list!

Shipping module - This will give a more accurate and greater choice of shipping options.

Stock control plugin - As you will have read from previous posts our intention is to be able to give live stock levels. Well this is the third stage and will now enable this to happen.

A new internal email system - One of the biggest problems is communication. This new plugin should solve the update process problem.

Newsletter module - Regular updates that can easily be removed if required.

Track and Trace - This module will allow quick and accurate track & trace of your dispatched orders.

Any feedback or questions please just drop me a line....

Kind regards,

David Radcliffe
Managing Director

Statistics: Posted by David — Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:16 pm

2011-07-01T12:57:28+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • What's Happening in July 2011]]>
The first and most pressing part is a complete rebuild of as this site has been the subject of many problems and our technical team and server management company have advised that the best course of action is to rip it up and start again. OUCH!

Once this is completed we will begin the update of

On a more positive note, the VOH tools are due arrive next week!


We have screwdrivers, case cushions, hand levers, tweezers, movement holders amongst many other VOH products.....


If your interested then please send me an email: voh(at)

Kind regards,

David Radcliffe
Managing Director Limited

Statistics: Posted by David — Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:57 pm

2011-06-07T14:03:25+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • What's Happening in June 2011]]>
The main focus is now on preparing for the arrival of the VOH watchmakers tools. We have a wide varied selection arriving shortly that will offer the consumer another credible choice in the selection of Swiss Made watchmaking tools.

It is reported that the tool of choice currently in the Swiss watch houses of Switzerland is VOH!!!

Once we are fully back to normal our web development team will commence work on the payment tokens. This will enable our growing band of loyal followers to make a purchase with just one click after adding products to their carts. This one click payment will be available to everyone after their first order.

David Radcliffe
Managing Director Limited

Statistics: Posted by David — Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:03 pm

2011-05-18T15:44:28+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • What's Happening in May 2011]]>
The next chapter in the search for new suppliers has just reached new heights.... in Switzerland have just appointed Limited to be their sole Authorised UK Agent.


You can visit their website for a preview of the tools and machines that are available We will be stocking many lines from the middle of June. If you wish to make an order before the stock arrives then please drop me a line at:




A company at the service of watchmaking

A modern company that covers all the needs of the watchmaking industry, VOH Ltd has succeeded over the years in making its mark as a leading brand. Its policy of proximity and dialogue with its clientele has earned it the opportunity of collaborating with the most prominent brands.

Serving watchmakers and enhancing their creative capacity is at the heart of the business philosophy of VOH Ltd. With this approach, every effort is made to find the technological developments that meet the requirements of this sector.

Over its various departments, VOH Ltd employs more than 35 people from diverse and complementary professional backgrounds. Due to this a large proportion of products can be developed and produced internally, for a VOH quality guaranteed 100%. Apart from technical skills, VOH Ltd also possesses in-depth knowledge of the specificities of watchmaking. This combination makes it possible to identify appropriate solutions following a needs analysis as well as an individual functional analysis. With, in addition, a project management system involving close collaboration with each client, VOH Ltd is able to ensure total satisfaction.

Statistics: Posted by David — Wed May 18, 2011 3:44 pm

2011-05-18T15:32:37+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • What's Happening in April 2011]]>
Our migration for the Virtual Private Server to our brand new Dedicated Server did not go to plan.

The first installment of our system update was a disaster! The move was scheduled for a few hours offline whilst name servers propagate. A few hours became just short of 4 weeks. Although we are back online now, not everything is right. We have missing plugins, we have corrupt files, we still have a site down.

However, not all bad news as we have just successfully finished our level 4 PCI compliance and hackerproof testing. Our sites are now 100% secure as is our sever, our payment gateway and our databases. Couple this to our $50,000 Identity assurance guarantee from COMODO, you can not go wrong.

The next step is to get the websites back up and fully functional so that we can start the site updates.

David Radcliffe
Managing Director

Statistics: Posted by David — Wed May 18, 2011 3:32 pm

2011-03-04T16:23:43+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • What's Happening in March 2011]]>
So after almost 100 man hours we are almost back to what we were... With the added addition of a new, much more informative Flash header banner.

Back to the updates....

If your following the recent news about our system updates then I can at last tell you how we are going to proceed.

1st. We are having another brand new website built....
Obviously as the title suggests this will be a discount site for Limit watches.

2nd. Our bespoke admin panel is now underway using the latest PHP, SQL, and AJAX technology. The approximate completion being September.

3rd. All 5 of our e commerce sites are to be introduced into the new admin panel so each is to be rebuilt so that the platforms match and we encounter no system conflicts.

Each sites is to be rebuilt with the following new additions:

One click checkout (after 1st order registration)
One shopping cart for all five sites
Live stock holding information
New shipping module
Track and trace facilities
Back order and delivery schedule update

And much more......

Kind regards,

David Radcliffe
Managing Director

Statistics: Posted by David — Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:23 pm

2011-02-02T14:28:24+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • What's Happening in February 2011]]>
Using the new technologies mentioned in my previous updates stock control will be integrated direct into our new back office site direct from the Sam4S EPOS till system. This way we can ensure that stock control on our e commerce websites remains live.

Our showroom will be open to everyone who wishes to visit from 9am daily. We will of course be stocking all of the various products listed on our sites but more excitingly we have a huge selection of everyday DIY hand tools and consumables. Everything from Drills, Routers, Saws, Screwdrivers, Spanners, Wrenches, Welders to nuts, bolts, Screws, Rivets, Gloves, Coveralls, Jackets etc... etc...

We have access to well over 5000 products on a next day basis should something you need not be in stock.

If you have any questions please just drop me a line...

David Radcliffe
Managing Director

Statistics: Posted by David — Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:28 pm

2011-01-11T17:31:36+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • What's Happening in January 2011]]>
The first task , the one that you will not see, is going to improve the websites admin section and back office functions. This will be completed offline and then installed in the early hours of the morning to reduce downtime. What we are intending to do is join all 4 of our e-commerce websites back office areas into one easy to use management admin site. This will be completely bespoke and designed to enable Limited to customize the functionality as the business develops.

Once completed one of the major improvements will be stock control, this new management admin site, coupled to our EPOS system (details in December 2010 update) will allow us to show actual "LIVE" stock levels, re-stocking dates when stock is depleted and availability for special orders across all of our sites.

The second task on the back of management admin site project will be the update of the and websites.... We aim to keep the same simple overall function and feel but will be giving each a new modern look.

Kind regards,

David Radcliffe
Managing Director

Statistics: Posted by admin — Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:31 pm

2010-12-21T13:27:52+01:00 <![CDATA[ News • What's Happening in December 2010]]>
The system is extremely comprehensive and offers a full range of impressive features that will automatically manage this challenging process.

Each stock item of our 50,000 plus range is given it's own unique code. This is stored in the system and details are added - such as stock level, low order value, description, manufacturer and of course price.

We can print off numerous reports or charts based on many varying factors like popularity, stock level, VAT value etc....

This will help and improve all aspects of the supply process....

Kind regards,

David Radcliffe
Managing Director

Statistics: Posted by admin — Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:27 pm